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Bar Seating

Bar Seating can be supplied in both  5LB & 6LB reconstituted foam with a high or medium density seating grade topper.


Trade customers and quantity orders please contact us 

for discount  and trade rates.




18" Back to Front 


 3" front & 2" at the back Rec + 1" Topper with 2" over hang as in the picture on the left


In 6Lb REC: only £4.43 per ft

In 5Lb REC: only £4.06 per ft



Cut To Size Cushions

Any size, shape, grade or density cushion can be supplied with or without polyester wrap or stockinette.


25" x 22" x 5" RX39/200 ( High Density ) 

with poly wrap & stockinette.


 only £21.60 each




Please use the formula in the Cushions section to work out the cost of foam cushions and
add the cost of Polyester Wrap and Stockinette.

To calculate the cost of Polyester Wrap take the measurement of the width of the cushion and multiply by 
10p for 6oz Polyester/ 20p for 12oz Polyester

Then add £1 for Stockinette

For example

L25" x W22 "x D5" + 6oz Polywrap & Stockinette



25 x 22 x 5 = 2750 ÷ 144 = 19.097 x 99p £18.91
Then Polyester Wrap is 22 x 10p (6oz) £2.20
Then Stockinette is £1.00 £1.00
Total cost of cushion = £22.11

Please contact us to order or if you require help working out the cost of your cushions

Note: a template will be required for awkward shapes to be cut.

For large orders please contact us 

for our discount rates






6 oz Polyester Rolls  x 60" x 30 mtrs Only £51.70 each   Tel: 0117 9414035 or e-mail us
12 oz Polyester Rolls x 60" x 15 mtrs Only £51.70 each   Tel: 0117 9414035 or e-mail us
6 oz Polyester Wrap x 60" length Only £3.90 per mtr Tel: 0117 9414035 or e-mail us
Spray Adhesive ( 500ml ) Only £3.50 each     Tel: 0117 9414035 or e-mail us
Silicone Spray ( 500ml ) Only £3.50 each     Tel: 0117 9414035 or e-mail us



Also Available

Stockinette ( Per Hank ):

Convoluted ( Eggbox ) foam for mattress overlays and acoustic purposes: Contact us for a competitive quote.

RP21/130 Foam:  Ideal for Packaging & Equestrian uses.
Plus many other grades of foam suitable for packaging.

RP16/100 Peeled Rolls: 65" x 9mm x 40 mtrs

Closed Cell Foam: Ideal for camping mats, Aerobic Mats, Sound Proofing

All Types Of Foam For Many Other  Applications Supplied

For a fast and friendly quote please give us a call or use our on-line contact form


All Foam Is Fully Fire Retardant To The Latest Legislations Ignition Source 5


All prices are in UK£ and subject to VAT

All products can be delivered ( Small carriage charge applies ), for more information give us a call or use the Contact Form on this site,


Foam Cutting & Design will deliver all orders in the Bristol area that are £50 + VAT or more

 Free Of Charge


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